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How AZ Bioventures will help you

Regulatory & Clinical Development Services

AZ Bioventures is the Start-up’s preferred end-to-end Clinical and Regulatory Partner for your Pre-clinical, Clinical and Regulatory Strategic Planning and Operational Execution, and Preparation for Communication and Filing with the Major (e.g., FDA, EMA) and Local Regulatory Agencies.

Strategic Planning & Business Development

We help biotech companies to build and manage their business efficiently and effectively, drive transformation and to identify new opportunities to reframe the future of their organizations. We challenge assumptions and help design and deliver strategies that help improve profitability and long-term value.

Financial Services

We help biotech companies to strengthen their financial planning and financial controls systems and rethink their organization and partnering structure to allow effective use of available resources and find new sources of revenue and investments.

Market Access

We can help biotech companies with our local and global market access and policy expertise to translate their scientific and clinical evidence into compelling story for customers, investors and all relevant agencies, like payers, health technology assessment bodies, and government institutions.

Marketing planning & Digital campaigns

We help biotech companies with their marketing planning efforts starting with the analysis of the competitive landscape and formulating the positioning and differentiation statements of their products consistent with their target product profile (TPP) and specific development plans. We also help in the identification and prioritization of all relevant KOLs and target audiences in close collaboration with companies’ medical, access, regulatory and clinical development teams. AZ Bioventures Consulting has the IT infrastructure, expertise, and experience to guide and support biotech companies in managing their communications with all stakeholders and institutions utilizing modern digital tools and methods.  

Local representation

We can help biotech companies to build their business plans and establish their long-term presence trough our offices and network of partners in all major markets and regions, meeting regulatory and local agencies requirements, and operating in cost effective and compliant way.    

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